Special Services

The Somerset County Library services are open to all county residents, including those with special needs based on physical limitations.

Barrier free access accommodations include:
Accessible parking spaces located adjacent to the library
Curb cuts from the lot to the library are in place
Barrier free restrooms.
One Floor with no stairs
Automatic doors - red button on door frame
Computer terminal accessible by wheelchair
Applications are available for the services of the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
Large Print Non-Fiction, Fiction, Biographies, Books on CD, Books on Tape, and Ebooks.

Any person who needs other special assistance or accommodation to use the library is encouraged to contact the library directly by phone 410- 651-0852 or contact them by email

Computer Equipment:
Windows PCs with CD burners, DVD players and large print profile with magnifier and one 20 inch monitor, UBS port for memory stick, camera, mp3 player, etc.